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Air Blaster Cool Shoot Toy Gun for Kids | Soft Jelly Balls and Foam Bullets | 100% Safe

Rs. 1,099.00
Type: Toy

Product Description:

  • Exciting Shooting Experience: Our Air Blaster Cool Shoot Toy Gun is designed to provide an exhilarating shooting experience for kids, offering soft jelly balls and foam-based bullets for safe and enjoyable playtime.

  • Impressive Shooting Range: With a shooting range of 25 meters for both soft foam bullets and jelly water bullets, this toy gun ensures that your kids can have a blast while maintaining a safe distance during their play sessions.

  • Complete Package: The package includes 1 toy gun, along with 800 shots of jelly balls and 6 soft foam-based bullets, ensuring your children can enjoy extended hours of immersive and entertaining playtime with their friends.

  • Safety First: Rest assured that our toy gun's shots are made of water polymer, ensuring a safe and non-toxic experience for your children. This feature guarantees that your kids can have all the fun they want without any compromise on their well-being.

  • Playful and Safe Adventure: Let your kids embark on a playful adventure with our Air Blaster Cool Shoot Toy Gun, knowing that they are equipped with a toy that prioritizes both excitement and safety. Allow them to engage in imaginative play and foster their coordination skills in a secure and controlled environment.