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Transformer Bumblebee soft bullet blaster gun with mask

Rs. 2,399.00
Type: Toy

Product Description:

  • Amazing Toy Gun for kids with soft foam based bullets which is 100% safe for your kids.
  • Shooting range: 25 meter for soft foam bullets
  • Package includes: 1 gun, 12 soft foam based bullets, 1 bumblebee transformer mask. 
  • The shots of this gun are made of soft foam which is safe and non-toxic
  • A universal play set that allows the child to get involved in the game with his favorite movie character - transformer. 
  • To do this, he has at his disposal a mask, a target and weapons on nerfs (soft bullets with suction cups). 
  • Dimensions of the toy: 45 x 28 x 11 cm.