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Engage, Play, Learn: 'Three Little Pigs' Educational Puzzle - 108 Pieces for Ages 6 and Above

Rs. 310.00
Type: Board Game

Product Description: 

  • Introducing a remarkable educational tool designed to nurture problem-solving and analytical skills in children – the perfect addition to your toddler's engagement activities. This puzzle offers a captivating experience for young minds and comes adorned with various enchanting scenes, igniting imagination and cognitive development.

    With dimensions measuring 47 X 35 cms, this puzzle promises hours of immersive exploration. What sets this puzzle apart is its unique connection to the classic tale of "Three Little Pigs," as it includes an accompanying storybook. This dynamic combination of hands-on play and storytelling creates an engaging learning journey for kids.

    Tailored for ages 6 and above, this puzzle consists of 108 pieces, fostering patience, attention to detail, and critical thinking. As children assemble the puzzle, they unlock the joy of accomplishment and enhance their spatial awareness.

    This puzzle not only entertains but also encourages meaningful skill growth. Whether used at home, in classrooms, or as a gift, this puzzle is a gateway to interactive learning and imaginative play. Elevate your child's playtime with an educational tool that sparks curiosity and sets the foundation for lifelong learning.