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Smart Induction robot - Draw curves and have fun

Rs. 999.00
Type: Toy

Product Description:

  • This intelligent robot can follow all your drawn lines without any problem. You just need to draw a line on a white sheet with the supplied marker and then place the robot on the lines, the smart robot will identify itself and follow the line. The longer the line, the more tortuous, the more interesting the "journey" is for the robot.

    Let your little one draw lines and play for hours with this mini robot! You and your little one can make this fun robot move just the way you want it.

    Dimensions: 6x8x10cm (lxwxh)
    Includes pen

A very good toy for child to play and learn many curves and shapes with this induction featured toy. Every child is fond of car , train , aeroplane and tanks. But a robot which follow your instruction would be great. Yes this tank follow a path created by you. You can make any shape and it will follow the same. Have FUN.