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Premium Mechanical Gear T-Rex Dinosaur Toy with Light and Mist Effects

Rs. 899.00
Type: Toy

Introducing the NEWLY MECHANICAL GEAR ELECTRONIC DINOSAUR: The Tyrannosaurus Rex redefines electronic dinosaurs with its unique feature – it can emit a captivating light-colored water vapor spray from its jaws. This super cool pterosaur dinosaur toy boasts a transparent plastic shell, showcasing the intricate mechanical gears and components inside. Not only can this dino walk and flash, but it also produces a lifelike hiss sound and sprays mist, making it a sought-after favorite among kids. (Please note: Comes in three random colors)

Crafted from PREMIUM AND SAFE MATERIALS: These dinosaur toys are constructed from non-toxic, heat-resistant, impact-resistant, and low-temperature-resistant ABS plastic. Our products undergo rigorous quality inspections, ensuring they have no sharp edges or corners, guaranteeing a safe playtime experience for children. (Note: Batteries not included; you'll need to provide 3*AAA batteries.)

MECHANICAL GEAR DESIGN takes center stage: The dinosaur's transparent back reveals a fascinating array of mechanical gears inside its body. As the dino moves with colorful lights, kids can observe the gears in motion. Additionally, a built-in mist spray device allows you to add water through the head, creating mist that emanates from its mouth. This combination of light and mist effects adds an extra layer of excitement to this mechanical dinosaur toy.

Unlock educational STEM learning with these toys: Our assembly dinosaur toys engage children in hands-on assembly, requiring imagination and dexterity to complete the T-Rex. The transparent mechanical parts stimulate creativity, and assembling the dinosaur enhances hand-eye coordination. Kids can also explore how motors and gears work, potentially sparking an interest in engineering.

A perfect GIFT for kids: If you're in search of an engaging and entertaining gift for children, this dinosaur toy is a fantastic choice. It instantly captures kids' attention with its fun and interactive features. Assembling the wings, tail, and head fosters observational skills, patience, concentration, hand-eye coordination, logic, and more. This educational STEM toy set is easy to put together, making it an ideal present for curious young minds.