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Microscope for kids

Rs. 849.00
Type: TOY

Product description:

 Little Microbiologist at Home

Introduce your child to the world of microbiology with the Annie Kiddy microscope. Let him or her examine creepy crawlies, look at the fine details of a leaf or even analyse water samples with this excellent learning tool. What's great is that this microscope for kids not only looks but also functions like a real compound microscope. Featuring three objective lenses, the microscope lets you visualise the details of an object at magnifications of 100X, 200X and 450X, respectively. The eyepiece moves up and down smoothly and can be adjusted to obtain the perfect focus using the silver knob at the side of the microscope.

Set up a Mini Lab

With the four slides, one prepared slide, plastic ware and sample collection bottles included with this Kiddy microscope, let your child set up a mini laboratory at home. This microscope for 10 year old features an inbuilt light that can be switched on and off, so you always have adequate illumination to view your samples. Place the slide on the object stage in the slot provided, select your desired magnification, look through the eye piece and adjust the focus to view the slide's contents. Let your curious child explore a world that cannot be seen with the naked eye with this Annie multicolour microscope.

  • Brand: Annie
  • Type: Microscope for kids
  • Recommended Age: 10 years and up
  • Ideal for: Girls and boys
  • Includes: 4 blank slides, 1 prepared slide, 1 plasticware, 1 tweezer, blank labels and 2 collection bottles