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Hindi Varnamala ring flash cards

Rs. 499.00
  •   56 double-sided Flashcards(12.3×9.7cm) 

  • Dry Erase Marker 

  • Big Poster/Chart (53.2*40.2cm)S

  • teel Ring to make the flashcards travel-friendly and easy to play & mess-free.

    Some features:
    • 56 double-sided flashcards
    - 52 swar and Vayanjan Flashcards
    - 8 activities
    • Wipe and Clean
    • Tracing  of each  letter
    • example of  अ: ड़, ढ़,ङ,ञ, ण(which are missing in many books and flashcards)
    • Bold and Big font
    • Easy and relatable Examples
    • Step Guide: Numbers for Tracing to help in the formation of the letter.
    • Round edges
    • Poster has swar, vayanjan letters and examples. Also swar and their matras.