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Hammer / Respond/ boxing / battle game

Rs. 549.00
Type: Board Game

Product Description:

  • A fun hammer / boxing game. 
  • When you are successful to hit the head of the opponent, the head will spring out. 
  • If your opponent gets the hit, you will win. 
  • Enhance your response ability and hands on ability. 
  • Recommended age - 3+ years
  • Explore team spirit
  • Material : Plastic
  • How to Play: Press the button to knock the robot's head of opposite site to make its head bounces up, and try to avoid the attack by the sheild. If the robot's head of one side bounces up, then the one lose the game.
  • Easy and Portable: With the easy understandable design, kids can learn to play it quickly. And the design is portable, it can be put on any flat surface, such as desk, ground, bed.
  • Users-friendly Design: The game toy is made of safe and solid ABS plastics material. And it comes with no hard edge, it protects kids from being injured when playing the game toy.
  • Educational Toy: To balance the offense and defense is key to win the game, so the good control and observation ability is required, the ability in the 2 aspects will be trained and improved during the process.
  • Parent-Child Toy: It is a interactive toy requires at least 2 participants. It will be a great gift that parents send it to the kids, and play it together with kids. It is benefit to improve the family relationship.