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Interactive Kitchen Play Set for Kids: Battery Operated, Fruits, Music, and Lights Included

Rs. 1,350.00

Product Description:

  1. Immersive Kitchen Experience: Watch your little one embark on an immersive culinary journey with our battery-operated kitchen play set. Equipped with a refrigerator, lifelike accessories, and an array of fruits, this set creates an engaging and realistic kitchen experience for your child.

  2. Entertaining Realism: Let your child explore the world of cooking and pretend play with this kitchen set that mimics real kitchen functionalities. With interactive features such as music and lights, it brings an exciting and lifelike dimension to their playtime.

  3. Encourages Independent Play: Foster your child's independence and creativity with this self-play toy, designed to inspire imaginative and interactive solo play. The set encourages children to explore their culinary interests and engage in creative storytelling.

  4. Enhanced Cognitive Development: Stimulate your child's cognitive development through imaginative storytelling and role-playing. This play set promotes the development of storytelling abilities, fostering creativity and enhancing communication skills from an early age.