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Dino-Car Creative Paint Kit: Unleash Imaginative Racing Fun!

Rs. 329.00



Let your child's creativity run wild with our Dino-Car Creative Paint Kit!

This interactive and hands-on set encourages imaginative play as children actively paint their own dinosaur cars.

Featuring pull-back action, kids can race their painted creations for added excitement. With two unique dinosaur car models included, curiosity about different species is sparked.

The kit comes complete with six vibrant watercolor paints, ensuring a spectrum of hues for personalized designs.

Crafted from non-toxic materials, parents can rest assured of their child's safety during playtime.

As children engage in painting, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are developed. Plus, the painted dinosaur cars make for unique decorations, instilling a sense of pride in your child's artwork.

Get ready for hours of creative fun with our Dino-Car Creative Paint Kit!

The pack contains set of 2 dinosaurs.