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Creative 3 in 1 quilling set for art and craft

Rs. 399.00

Product Description: 

  • Roll, Shape and create 2D and 3d animal figures, beautiful birds and greeting cards through art of paper quilling.
  • Create 3 dimensional designs
  • High quality Brass Pin Quilling tool
  • Multi-function Crimping tool
  • Multicolor quilling strips 5mm
  • Multicolor quilling strips 7mm
  • Non printed greeting cards to work on.
  • Colored Googly eyes
  • High quality Non-Toxic craft glue.
  • Wooden Pick.
  • Colorful quilling shapes guide.
  • Colorful quilling card making guide.
  • Colorful quilling Animal making guide.
  • Colorful quilling bird making guide.