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Compact and Portable 2-Player Football Game (Big Size)

Rs. 1,299.00
Type: Board Game

**Compact and Portable Design:** Perfect for indoor play, this football game’s compact design allows for easy storage and transport, making it ideal for small spaces and travel.

**Durable Construction:** Built with sturdy materials, this game ensures durability and longevity, withstanding energetic play and providing long-lasting entertainment.

**Interactive 2-Player Game:** Specifically designed for two players, it fosters social interaction and friendly competition, making it an excellent choice for playdates and family bonding.

**Easy Setup and Assembly:** With quick and hassle-free assembly, kids can start playing almost instantly, keeping them engaged and reducing wait times.

**Colorful and Engaging Design:** Featuring vibrant colors, attractive graphics, and a football-themed design, this game captures children's attention and keeps them excited.

**Safe for Kids:** Made with child-friendly materials, this game ensures the safety of young players.

**Versatile Gameplay:** Offering various playing strategies and techniques, this game remains interesting and engaging with each play.

**Ideal for All Ages:** While designed for kids, adults can also enjoy the game, making it a versatile entertainment option for family gatherings and parties.

**No Batteries Required:** Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, this game operates without the need for batteries or external power sources.

**Box Size:** 57.5x27.5x6cm.