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Practice Calligraphy notebook / Tracing book for preschoolers

Rs. 299.00
Type: Diary

Product Description:

  • Learning to write made easy with this tracing notebook. 
  • The pen with special ink will gradually fade within 30 minutes after writing, and the books are reusable.
  • The books are designed with special grooves which can lead your handwriting correct and beautiful!
  • This set contains a pen and a grip with random color. It not only helps correct writing grip posture but also makes the writing more funny.
  • An early learning writing aid to help develop upper case letters & alphabet that encompasses sight, sound and touch skills
  • An amazing fun learning.
  • Understand how to write upper case and lower case letters by tracing the directional arrows and watch the stylus pen. 
  • Package contains 4 books, 5 refills and 1 pen