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Interactive Toy Kitchen Set with Realistic Light and Sound - Portable Suitcase Design

Rs. 1,099.00

Product Description:

    1. Realistic Light and Sound:

      • Engage your child in immersive play with lifelike light and sound effects, providing a realistic kitchen experience.
    2. Great Parent-Child Interaction:

      • Foster bonding moments with your little one as they explore the interactive features of this toy kitchen set, creating memorable playtime experiences.
    3. Functional Sink:

      • Take play to the next level with a functional sink that allows kids to wash dishes enhancing the kitchen role-playing experience.
    4. High-Quality Material:

      • Crafted from durable and safe materials, this toy kitchen set ensures longevity and safety for your child's enjoyment.
    5. No Water Tap Hassle:

      • Enjoy the convenience of a realistic sink without the mess of a water tap, providing a hassle-free and clean play environment.
    6. Lights and Realistic Sounds:

      • The set features captivating lights and authentic sounds, creating an engaging atmosphere that stimulates creativity and imagination.
    7. Portable Suitcase Type:

      • Easy to carry and store, this kitchen set comes in a portable suitcase design, allowing your child to take the fun wherever they go.
    8. More Pieces for Enhanced Play:

      • With additional pieces and accessories, this set offers a comprehensive play experience, encouraging creativity and imaginative storytelling.
    9. Compact Size:

      • Measuring 38cm x 25cm x 14cm, this toy kitchen set is compact yet packed with features, making it suitable for both small spaces and on-the-go play.

    Elevate your child's playtime with this Toy Kitchen Set - a perfect blend of realism, safety, and portability for endless hours of joyous fun!