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Battery operated car designed ATM piggy bank for kids

Rs. 1,499.00
Type: Piggy Bank

Product Description:

  •  Excellent way to encourage kids to save money.
  • The Piggy bank works as an ATM machine.
  •  A great gift idea for kids.
  • Has a password lock.
  • How to use:  1.Press ""0000"" To Open the Safe. 2. Choose your own password of 4 digits. 3. The light turns on when you open or close the door. 4. Option sound/voice. 5. The door squeaks when you open it. 6. Follow these steps to change your password First enter the current code (0000) and open the door.) a. Now Hold the * Button. Both Green and red lights flash. Within 15 seconds enter the new four-digit password. b. Press # to store your new code, both lights stop flashing. Please Note: If the new code is not entered within 15 seconds the procedure will terminate and you will have to restart the procedure. c. Release the * button and close the door of the safe.
  • Please Note: If you forget the code it can be reset factory default by removing and reinstalling the batteries.