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Interactive Baby Doll Bath Set with Working Shower | Realistic Bathtub Function & Dress-Up Fun

Rs. 1,249.00

Product Description:

  • Product Description:
    Elevate your child's playtime with our Interactive Baby Doll Bath Set! Transform ordinary bath times into delightful adventures with this captivating doll and functional shower. Immerse in the fun of a realistic bathing experience as your little one engages in role-playing scenarios, fostering creativity and imagination.

    This comprehensive set includes a lifelike bathtub that functions realistically, featuring a working shower—just press the tap to sprinkle water! Watch as your child explores the joy of bath time, enhancing their motor skills and nurturing a sense of responsibility.

    Moreover, this set comes equipped with a range of accessories, offering countless opportunities for play and learning. From charming bathrobe attire to stylish party dresses, the doll's wardrobe allows your child to explore different looks and storytelling possibilities.

    Designed to stimulate imagination and creativity, this playset encourages interactive play and fosters role-playing abilities. With its complete bathing setup and versatile doll, this set guarantees hours of engaging and educational fun.

    Invest in this immersive toy that combines entertainment with skill development, promoting realistic role play and offering a holistic play experience for your child's growth and enjoyment.