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Unleash Epic Fun with the AirPower Bow & Arrow: The Ultimate Stunt Shooter!

Rs. 1,699.00
Type: Toy

Product Description

  • Unmatched Stunt Shooting: Master the art of colossal stunt shots with the AirPower Bow & Arrow, designed for unparalleled shooting experiences that push the limits of fun and excitement.

  • Impressive Length and Range: Measuring an impressive 42 inches (122 centimeters) in length, this bow is built for maximum power and performance, capable of firing arrows up to 105 feet (32 meters), ensuring an exhilarating shooting experience every time.

  • Comes with 12 Flying Balls: Equipped with 12 high-flying balls, this bow guarantees endless entertainment and action-packed adventures, making it an ideal choice for outdoor play and friendly competitions.

  • Included Target for Precision Practice: Set up the provided target to refine your shooting skills and showcase mind-blowing stunts. Challenge your friends to match or surpass your best shots, making every play session a thrilling and competitive experience.

  • Durable Build for Long-lasting Fun: Crafted with durability in mind, the AirPower Bow & Arrow is designed to withstand the rigors of intense play, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for all your high-flying adventures.

  • Perfect for Outdoor Play: Take your playtime outside and embrace the thrill of the open air with this powerful and exciting bow and arrow set, perfect for aspiring young archers and stunt enthusiasts.