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Advanced 2.4 GHz Gesture Sensing Tank: Launch Water Bombs, Remote Long-Distance Control, Multi-Directional Driving, Lateral Walking, 360° Whirling, Auto Demo

Rs. 3,499.00

Product Description:

Introducing our cutting-edge 2.4 GHz Gesture Sensing Tank, designed for ultimate remote-controlled action and entertainment.

With the ability to launch water bombs, this tank adds an exciting dimension to your battles. Its remote control boasts long-distance capabilities, ensuring you can command your tank from afar with precision.

Experience unmatched maneuverability with multi-directional driving and lateral walking features, allowing you to navigate any terrain with ease.

Impress onlookers with its impressive 360-degree whirling capability, offering dynamic movement possibilities.

Plus, enjoy the convenience of the auto-demo function, showcasing the tank's capabilities at the touch of a button. Dominate the battlefield and command attention with our feature-packed gesture sensing tank.