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Explore and Learn: 7-in-1 Innovative Solar Science Kit for Kids' STEM Education

Rs. 1,099.00


Product Description

  • Innovative Solar Science Kit: Explore the wonders of solar energy with our 7-in-1 innovative solar science kit designed to ignite curiosity and learning in children.

  • Multiple Working Space Models: Experience hands-on learning with 7 different working space models that allow children to prototype and assemble a variety of space-themed structures, including a Space Station, Space Shuttle, Space Mech, Space Rover, Space Explorer, Space Dog, and Space Astronaut.

  • Enhanced Skill Set: Encourage skill development as the kit enhances children's knowledge of science, promotes mental growth, and boosts their creativity and imagination.

  • Eco-Friendly Approach: Foster an eco-friendly mindset in children as they explore the potential of solar energy, motivating them to opt for cleaner and greener energy solutions.

  • Educational and Engaging: This solar science kit offers an engaging learning experience, where children assemble plastic parts without the need for tools or screws, utilizing solar panels and other accessories with ease.

  • Teaching Resource: Educate children on the practical application of solar energy, demonstrating how solar power can be used to charge micro batteries, while highlighting the advantages of utilizing natural resources such as solar energy.

  • Perfect for School Projects: Ideal for school projects, this kit serves as a practical, safe, and educational resource that not only teaches the concept of clean energy but also promotes hands-on learning and problem-solving skills in a safe and eco-friendly manner.