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Stellar Sky: Complete Space Theme Balloon Set for Unforgettable Celestial Celebrations

Rs. 899.00

Product Description: 

    • Transform any party into a cosmic extravaganza with our Beautiful Space Theme Balloon Set, complete with an array of stunning decorations.

    • This set includes a striking black 'Happy Birthday' banner, adding a touch of elegance and festivity to your celestial celebration.

    • The big-sized astronaut and medium-sized space ship figurines serve as captivating focal points, transporting guests to an intergalactic realm of wonder and imagination.

    • The round printed foil balloon, six mix-sized star foil balloons, and an assortment of 37 blue and sky blue latex balloons in 10 inches create an enchanting atmosphere reminiscent of the vast night sky.

    • Emphasize the celestial theme with three charming blue printed balloons, five dazzling orange/golden balloons, and three long balloons, each adding a unique touch to your space-inspired decor.

    • Construct a mesmerizing balloon arch with the included 5-meter arch strip, effortlessly infusing your party space with an aura of cosmic grandeur and visual appeal.

    Elevate your celestial celebration to new heights with our comprehensive Stellar Sky Space Theme Balloon Set, combining stunning decor elements to create an otherworldly ambiance that will leave your guests awe-inspired.