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Creative 3D Drawing Set for Kids: Explore, Learn, and Highlight in 3D

Rs. 730.00

Product Description: 

  • Product Description:

    1. Innovative 3D Exploration: Our unique drawing set encourages kids to delve into the world of 3D art, allowing them to examine and analyze their creations in a fascinating three-dimensional version.

    2. Highlighter Reusability: Designed for extended use, this product enables kids to effortlessly highlight their work multiple times, fostering a sense of creativity and exploration.

    3. Enhanced 3D Experience: Equipped with specialized 3D glasses, this set brings drawings to life by reflecting a mesmerizing and realistic three-dimensional structure, providing an immersive and engaging experience for young minds.

    4. Vibrant Color Variety: The set includes four vivid color highlighters, allowing kids to add vibrant and captivating hues to their drawings, making their artwork pop with creativity and expression.

    5. Battery-Powered Convenience: This product operates with 4 AAA batteries (not included), ensuring easy and efficient use for endless hours of artistic fun and learning.

    With our Creative 3D Drawing Set for Kids, watch as their creativity blossoms and their understanding of dimensions expands, all while enjoying an immersive and interactive drawing experience. Engage their senses and foster a love for art and technology with this all-inclusive and innovative drawing set.