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Enhance Creativity with 201+ Pieces Building Blocks Pull Back Car for Kids - Ages 6 and Up

Rs. 899.00
Type: blocks

Product Description

  • Let your child's imagination soar with the 201+ Pieces Building Blocks Pull Back Car, designed to inspire hours of constructive play and learning.
  • Crafted from ABS non-toxic plastic, ensuring a safe and durable playtime experience for kids.
  • This comprehensive set encourages the development of logical thinking, motor skills, and dexterity, fostering essential cognitive and physical growth.
  • The set is designed to allow kids to design, assemble, and build their own pull back car, offering an interactive and educational building experience.
  • Once assembled, the pull back car provides endless entertainment, enabling kids to enjoy the thrill of watching their creation zoom across various surfaces.
  • An ideal developmental toy for kids aged 6 and above, promoting creativity and critical thinking while providing an engaging and rewarding playtime experience.