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Educational Wooden Arithmetic Toy Box with Digital Number Math Blocks, Sticks, Clock, and Blackboard - 59 Pieces, Ideal for Learning Counting and Math Skills

Rs. 615.00

Product Description:

  • Comprehensive Learning Kit: Our Multi-Functional Digital Computing Learning Box is a must-have educational toy for kids, featuring a wooden storage box with 9 Math Symbols and 60 Number Blocks and Counting Rods. The kit includes a two-sided board, three color chalks, and a duster for an immersive learning experience.

  • Engaging and Durable Design: The vividly colored sticks and numbered blocks are meticulously crafted for durability and long-lasting use. Their attractive appearance is sure to capture and hold kids' attention, making math more enjoyable and easier to comprehend.

  • Versatile Learning Tool: This educational toy serves as a perfect aid for learning counting, addition, subtraction, and clock education in an interactive and entertaining manner. The included multi-functional blackboard offers a dynamic space for various math activities, enhancing kids' cognitive development.

  • Ideal for Group Activities: Perfect for both classroom and playroom settings, our wooden calculator and math blocks encourage collaborative learning and interactive math games, fostering a deeper understanding of numbers and colors recognition.

  • Fun and Effective Learning: With its engaging design and interactive components, this arithmetic toy box fosters an enjoyable learning environment, enabling children to develop essential mathematical skills while having fun. Encourage your child's early math exploration with this comprehensive and captivating learning kit.