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Interactive/ Talking 112 pcs Double-Sided Card Words - Educational Toys for Kids/ Toddler Flash Cards

Rs. 499.00

Product Description:

  • Flashcard is designed for children ages 2 to 6, encourages kids to learn and grow through playtime, builds up the natural curiosity that leads to lifetime learning!

It is a good way to learn by playing games, toddler can improve their ability quickly. Our card reader comes with 56 cards, children can learn about animals in nature. Shape and sound are combined, wow!

That suitable for kindergarten, classroom, preschool education. Great learning toys for 3 - 6 years old kids.Ā 

What is boxļ¼Ÿ

1*card reader


1*usb cable



Card configuration table:

56 Animals

31 Daily necessitiesĀ 

25 VehiclesĀ 

21 Foods

18 Fruits

17 vegetables

16 Costumes

10 Nature

9 Colors

8 Persons

8 Jobs

5 Shapes


  • Interactive Learning Toy

    The latest flash card educational set, better interactivity with baby. Toddler can gain knowledge through games.

  • QR Recognition

    Each card has a QR code, and the card reader can recognize and pronounce the words.

  • 56 Shape and Word

    The card set contains 56 kinds of animals. Some animals can make sounds, which is very interesting.