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Ultimate RC Drift Cars: 2.4G Four Wheel Drive Climbing Twist Remote Control Version with Big Hollow Universal Wheels

Rs. 1,899.00

Product Description: 

    1. Innovative Design: Featuring a remote control version with newly designed big hollow universal wheels, this RC car is set to redefine your racing experience.
    2. Enhanced Control: Equipped with a 2.4G remote control, this car allows multiple players, offering a versatile and interactive racing environment.
    3. Versatile Steering Modes: Enjoy the flexibility of multiple steering modes, including Front Wheel Steering, Rear Wheel Steering, Four-Wheel Steering, and Four-Wheel Sidewalk for a customizable driving experience.
    4. Dynamic Performance: Navigate effortlessly with functions such as forward, reverse, left turn, and right turn, along with an exciting structure manipulation simulation that adds an extra layer of thrill to your racing adventures.
    5. Drift Stunt Expert: This RC twisted car boasts a multi-directional drift command, making complex drift stunts easy to execute with just a single click, ensuring a thrilling and action-packed racing experience.
    6. Stylish and Durable: With its cool flashing LED lights and elegant build, this remote control car not only guarantees a joyous and exciting childhood for your child but also promises durability and longevity.
    7. Premium Material: Constructed from 100% metal, this RC car is built to withstand the toughest racing challenges, promising a long-lasting and high-performance racing companion for enthusiasts of all ages.