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From the Diary of a toddler

From the Diary of a toddler

From the Diary of a toddler

Mom, don’t be upset, while I spend my day in play;

I am learning how to learn through that play.

The block tower that I created today;

May help me become an architect one day.

The choice of the toy that I made today;

Will help me make effective choices someday.

The bedtime stories you read to me,

It helps me build my creativity.

The way we share laughter and fun;

Will make me a happy man in the long run.

Oh, these little things. Can I have some more?

As this is the time when I can explore.

I am learning from everything around me;

May it be the fragrance of a flower or the trunk of a tree.

Take me to a grocery shop and, let me choose that honey;

It will help me build my knowledge about money.

Talk to me as much as you can, about a song or a dance;

Maybe I cannot reply, but my language skills would enhance.

Mom, please understand playing is not only fun;

It is a way that I learn to learn.

By Yoshita Gupta

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